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House & land RESEARCH

Levels Of Research
Level 1


Basic History: includes current title, year of construction (or approximate), alterations (if Council permits are available) names of first and subsequent owners.

Approximately 1 day’s work. 2-3 page document.
Level 2

$2,200 - $3,300

Substantial History: a robust history placing the house within the context of the development of the neighbourhood and suburb. History includes current title, year of construction (or approximate), names of first and subsequent owners. The research utilizes parish plans and first land sale documents, MMBW Plans and other maps (where applicable), Rate Books, Planning Permits (if council permits are available), and Sands & McDougall’s Directories (or other relevant directories). Biographical details of owners where available.

Approximately 3-4 days work. 8-10 page history plus Appendices including plans and documents where available.
Level 3

$3,300 / per week

Exhaustive History: includes all the elements of a Substantial History and elaborates extensively on them. Additional work would be following up as many biographical details of the owners as possible, and might include local historical society searches, newspaper searches, and extensive searches of Births, Deaths and Marriages documents. This research would be undertaken to place the owners and their lives within a local context to write a biography of the house and its owners.

A minimum of 1-2 weeks work (40-80 hours). Fee upon application.

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